For Your Christmas Baking Pleasure: Uncle Vanya’s Bread Balls

Warning: Don't forget Uncle Vanya's cast-iron rolling pin is always ready for those disrespectful of his recipe. Make sweet roll dough as follows: 1/2 cup warm water 2 (1/4 ounce) packages active dry yeast (Uncle Vanya uses cake yeast. Don't tell him if you use dry packets) 1 1/2 cups milk, lukewarm (Uncle Vanya says … Continue reading For Your Christmas Baking Pleasure: Uncle Vanya’s Bread Balls

Visha’s Antidote

"What an amazing story! I had speculated that you must have saved his life." "I would give my life for his if I could. Do I need to save him from you?" Visha bolted out of her chair and paced the room. "Do I need to give this back to you?" She held out the … Continue reading Visha’s Antidote

At Fagin’s Final Rest Mortuary

The walls were patterned like glittering silver and black marble, with slender pillars spaced along the sides. Niches held blue flames behind ornate silver gratings cast in the shape of openwork doves. Black benches cushioned with blue velvet, very like church pews, were arranged facing a black velvet curtain fringed with silvery tassels. We took … Continue reading At Fagin’s Final Rest Mortuary

Conversion of Visha Kanya

"Why was Archibald Campbell poisoned?" I snapped. "First, please, about my soul ... " I stared at her, trying to discern whether she only mocked me. To my astonishment, Visha bowed her head and tears flowed down her pale cheeks. She lifted her eyes to me. "Do you not see that I have been taught … Continue reading Conversion of Visha Kanya