More Christian Book Reviews!

Four Stars: Dana Pratola's "The Covering" "Praying for the Leader of the Pack" This is a formula romance that defies the formulas. Good girl attracted to bad boy -- Check. Bad boy tortures himself over what is and isn't his fault about his past -- Check. But then there's that prayer thing, unleashing the Power … Continue reading More Christian Book Reviews!

More Reviews of Christian Books You Ought to Read!

 "As automatic as panicking.", April 29, 2013 Joana James has a secret formula for instant Christian success. Well, no, it's not instant, but it will work. These "wisdom bursts" were tougher to write than the first book in the series, I bet, but so necessary. We want to worry, we want to pick up that burden … Continue reading More Reviews of Christian Books You Ought to Read!

How Do I Fit In?

  Review of Henrietta Hexagon and the Triangles by Mandi Tillotson Williams (link to her facebook page) My kids are all in their twenties, but I have been a teacher, homeschooler and mom so I feel qualified to comment on this clever and fun children's book. It deals with adoption and "fitting in," and when you are … Continue reading How Do I Fit In?