The Population Bomb

Type “population explosion” into google. It returns over 27,000,000 hits and almost every one refers to future human population. The current world population is over 7 billion people. It was 1 billion just after 1800. But as we look back the census data becomes less certain. It is difficult to find an agreement about the … Continue reading The Population Bomb

The Age of the Earth: The Burden of Proof

Like everyone, I fail to completely live up to my principles. One of my principles which I have done much better at keeping is to not discuss evolution. Believers in evolution have chosen to believe and nothing I can do will change that belief. However, I constantly display the evidence for a young earth. Without … Continue reading The Age of the Earth: The Burden of Proof


"So what evidence would you accept to prove that the Earth is millions of years old?" an atheist asked me on Christmas day. It is not possible to have a reasoned, intelligent discussion with someone whose opinions (beliefs) are not based on evidence and facts. The question changes facts and evidence into a matter of … Continue reading AntiScience

Science, Falsely So Called

"Academic politics is the most vicious and bitter form of politics because the stakes are so low." "Sayre's Law" -- this version found in the December 20, 1973 Wall Street Journal. "The stakes are so low" seems off, but all of us who ever taught at the college level are intimately acquainted with the bitterness … Continue reading Science, Falsely So Called

Principles of Science Teaching

There are only two ways to teach Science: to teach it as a unified subject or divide it into categories. Unified sounds good but can be overwhelming to students. Subatomic particles like electrons don't divide themselves into disciplines according to how they behave. In Physics we study electrons in different ways from observing how they … Continue reading Principles of Science Teaching