Molon Laba “Come and Take Them.”

These are the words of the Spartan King Leonidas to the Persian King Xerxes at the battle of Thermopylae. The Spartans were asked to surrender their weapons. "Come and Take It," the slogan of the Texas revolt, was based on this challenge.When we use these phrases, we must remember that both the attackers, Xerxes and … Continue reading Molon Laba “Come and Take Them.”

Irreparably Damaged?

The most important election so far was Virginia. Mitt Romney ran with only Ron Paul opposing him on the ballot. Yet Ron Paul, overall in a distant 4th place, polled 40%. The normal, reasonable, rational reaction is what the exit polls showed. 40% of the registered Republican voters will not vote for Mitt Romney under … Continue reading Irreparably Damaged?

Wacky Presidential Primaries; Part 2

Yesterday we posted a beginning to zany, wacky things going on in the Presidential Primaries. I figured this would be a series going on into or past the general election. Little did I realize that Part Two would be the next day. The State of Georgia challenged Obama's eligibility to be on the ballot. Obama … Continue reading Wacky Presidential Primaries; Part 2

President Herman Cain

An unidentified man won a bet on the St. Louis Cardinals winning the World Series with 999 to l odds. Long shots can win whatever the odds. This also applies to elections. It's not over until the last vote is counted. At this point anything can still happen. But the outcome of the 2012 Presidential … Continue reading President Herman Cain